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TT Optional Equipment

Every cooling towers can be equipped with several optionals, selected according to ILMED IMPIANTI experience.

The vibration switch is available, to monitoring the anomalous vibrations of the fan units. The device, operating on a on/off control, when the vibration reaches such a level as to become dangerous for good operation, the vibraswitch automatically disconnects the electrical circuit of the unit. The vibraswitch is provided with a reset button and a reset coil remote control switch.

Electric immersion heaters are available factory installed into the basin of the cooling tower. The heaters are sized to keep at + 4-5°C the basin water temperature with an ambient air temperature of - 15°C and with the fans switched off. They are supplied complete of thermostat in weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use.

EMRS01110601 /C1/ 2
EMRS01020101 /D1/, /F1/ 3
EMRS01080101 /G1/, /H1/ 4

For the inspection and maintenance of the fan units a caged ladder can be supplied, to climb over the fan deck. The caged ladder will be manufactured in HDGS.

In case of supply of caged ladder, the safety handrail all around the fan deck is strongly recommended. The handrail  is manufactured in HDGS, according to the most common international regulations. In any case the access to the fan deck has to be restricted to authorized and skilled personnel.

The electric water level control is also available, for an accurate control of the basin level. It ios a liquid point level switch based on the technology of the vibrating fork, to be assembled inside the basin of the cooling tower.

An electric temperature sensor is available, to be  assembled in the basin of the cooling tower, or preferably on the outlet piping. The sensor is made by an electric probe of the PT100 type, complete of signal transmitter 0-20 mA.

This special execution is available, when the cooling tower has to be operated in very cold conditions with fans switched on, and/or for installation on snow-making systems, to avoid the freezing of drifted droplets on the fan duct.
The fan stack is externally provided with heating cables system that prevent ice formation in the fan assembly. Heating cable are powered by single-phase 220V voltage. The system is completely connected to a junction box, and it is operated with a thermostat. The assembly is thermally insulated, and further protected by a metal lining.