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GT Design Features

The GTT water cooling towers are specially conceived for medium-large thermal capability.

They follow a specific standard and are supplied completely pre-assembled, since their dimensions are compatible with transportation by road, avoiding the separation between the cooling tower body from the ventilation group.

Each module is made of a main unit which is composed by the cooling section and by one or two
ventilation units, totally pre-assembled and joined through bolts. The module can be completed with the air inlet section and with the cooled water collection basin. The reticular structure made of carbon steel open section is simple, strong and light. The upper part is flat so that is possible to walk on it.

The ventilation is operated by induced draught, characterized by fans in drawing position.
The electric motors are equipped with all the special protections for the operation in presence of water droplets and high humidity; the fan is assembled directly on the motor shaft and the whole group is assembled on a monolithic structure which can be easily disassembled. The fans have an high efficiency wing profile. The ventilation duct is protected by a safety metal grid.

The water to be cooled enters into the module through a single flanged connection. The nozzles are assembled through a threaded connection and their dimensions are factory selected to suit the design water flow and guarantee the best performances.
The passages size are large, in order to avoid any risk of blockage.

The filling system, which works on the “film” principle, is made of many layers of PVC/PP elements with cross-fluted or vertical ducts, in order to form a thermal exchange system characterized by a high surface – volume ratio. Depending on the working conditions, different configurations of the elements with different geometrical shapes can be supplied.
ILMED IMPIANTI designed and developed new film PVC filling; now ILMED cooling towers are supplied with these special fillings as original equipment.

The drift eliminators are made of PVC/PP sheet modular elements. The efficiency of the eliminator is very high and it limits the water leaks due to dragging to less than 0.005% of the circulating range.

The sound power level generated by the GT cooling towers is suitable for the installation in most environments.
In case of very strict requirements, special models and execution are available, which are characterized by differentiated and very low level of sound emissions. ILMED is in position to propose many technical solutions, and to combine them together in order to attain the best result

LNB Low speed rotation Special blade configuration n/a 4 - 5
LNS Very low speed rotation Very low noise configuration n/a 9 - 10
LLN Very low speed rotation Very low noise configuration On fan discharge / Basin spalsh attenuator 12 - 15
ULN Very low speed rotation Very low noise configuration On air discharge / Basin splash attenuator / Noise absorbing panels 15 - 20

The figures are only for information. and not typical of one model of cooling tower. The actual figures of sound power level are issued in case of job, and are function of the design specifications